Impact people in need
around the world

Preach the gospel  |  Sustain the poor  |  Make a difference

Preach the gospel  |  Sustain the poor  

GC Missions restores those in need

We exist to provide sustainable solutions to people’s physical and spiritual needs. Today, only one out of seven are believers, nearly half of the world’s population struggle to meet basic needs, and 153 million children are orphaned. Natural disasters impact 200 million people each year, and more than 811 million people struggle with hunger. These problems seem so big that many people are left wondering, can I make a difference? Yes, you can. Do you want to learn how?

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How can you make a difference?

Join thousands of people who are saving souls and meeting needs today with GC Missions.

Solving big problems like hunger, fatherlessness, and spiritual poverty requires a team effort. This team consists of people like you who pray, volunteer, and give to make life better for those in need. When each person does their part according to the gifts and resources God has blessed them with, the world changes. Are you ready to do your part?


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Get involved

Get involved by participating in a foreign mission, attending an evangelism training, or serving from home.


Join the many cheerful givers who support missionaries, orphans, and Christian discipleship around the world.

Addressing spiritual poverty

When meeting the physical needs of people around the world, we also seek to provide a spiritual awakening by preaching and teaching the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. All of our missions are Christian based and meeting people’s physical needs is a vehicle through which we introduce the love of Christ. We partner with ministries such as the Bible Advocate Press to put Christian resources in the hands of people in spiritual poverty and support them in their personal growth.


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The smart way to aid spiritual and physical poverty

Our commitment is to be efficient, frugal, and transparent in our work. Our unique strategy for aiding spiritual and physical poverty helps take the gospel and your financial gifts further than they otherwise would. Our partnerships with local ministers and missionaries allow us to invest directly in areas of need and equip them to serve their communities. Our focus on income generating projects also sustains the poor long term and avoids creating dependency. When we come alongside local community leaders, we can do more good with less time and money. This means your gift is going further and making a greater difference.