No Zero

Investing in sustainable ministry is a key characteristic of the work GC Missions does. No Zero describes a new part of our ministry where we train members in effective agricultural business practices, using Biblical principles to lift communities out of poverty, plant churches, and provide financial means for the development of the Church in the long run. Proceeds go to the local and national Church for its Gospel work, pay members a fair wage, and provide greater funds for reinvestment the following year. As a result, the Church will be able to assist more orphans and widows, build churches, schools, and clinics, dig wells, support pastors, purchase sound equipment and instruments for evangelistic outreach, computer equipment, and more. At least once every year, the Church will have a means of renewable income. $1,000 will help purchase seed and equipment for 10 acres ($100/acre). A local church will be able to build a church structure or dig a well after the first harvest.