Do Something

Send a Missionary

The need for trained and equipped Gospel workers is great (Romans 10:14-15). Through our Cristo Viene ministry, GC Missions invests in sending missionary pastors and evangelists who share the Gospel and equip others to do the same. Support enables mostly-native workers to teach and preach the good news, and establish active congregations in new regions. We encourage monthly sponsors to give $20 (or more) per month. With two or three sponsors, one missionary can serve full time in some parts of the world.


Disaster Relief

Several times each year, natural or man-made disasters impact the Church in various parts of the world. As the Body of Christ, we need to be ready to respond (1 John 3:16-18). Through the Disaster Relief Fund (DRF), GC Missions works to support our brothers and sisters in humanitarian crisis and where lives and property have been lost. We seek to mobilize members to assist others in need and share the good news with those who desperately need it. Supporters of DRF will help ensure that funds are available when, not if, the next disaster strikes.


Orphans and Widows

Orphans and Widows are important to God and His Church (James 1:27). GC Missions takes that very seriously. We work with national churches to support women and children who have no means of support to provide healthcare, education, and a spiritual family where they can grow in their walk with Christ.


Much of our support for the orphan and widow is provided through the work we do with our No Zero sustainability program, providing the local church with an increasing amount of financial resources every year to support those in need and equip them for service with practical skills. Donations of $20 per month will provide these opportunities for an orphan or widow for one year.


Sustainability Projects

Investing in sustainable ministry is a key characteristic GC Missions work. No Zero sustainability projects describe a growing part of our ministry in which we train Churches in effective agriculture and business practices, investing in opportunities that help provide a financial base for long-term ministry (Proverbs 24:27). Each year more is reinvested from proceeds to ensure that greater resources are available for future church needs, including church planting.


These resources will help provide national Churches with long-term means to assist orphans and widows, create jobs for members, support evangelistic outreach and pastors, dig wells, build churches, clinics, and Bible schools. These churches will repay the original investment at no interest over the first two years. $45 will purchase enough seed and tools for a church to plant 1 acre in some countries ($45/acre) and produce many times that amount in income at the first harvest.


Bible Colleges and Training

As the Church grows, so does the demand for trained leaders and pastors to disciple new believers (Matthew 28:18-20). To meet this need, GC Missions finances training opportunities and the construction/operation of Bible schools where students can be equipped to serve in existing churches or in new regions.


Bible colleges are strongly considered for countries who have begun implementation of No Zero sustainability projects that provide ongoing financial support for the school’s operation. Due to the size of these projects, donations of $500-$5,000 or more are especially needed at the start.


Bibles and Gospel Literature

The power of God’s Word is real (Isaiah 55:10-11). Bibles are in great need by many, particularly those in the least reached nations of the world. GC Missions equips missionaries, leaders, and new converts with Bibles and Gospel literature to help them grow in their walk with Christ, share the good news, and shepherd God’s flock. One Bible costing as little as $4 could bring the good news to a village or city for the very first time.